The Good Samaritan

“All who seek this honor must, like the Samaritans of Old, be men who are willing to go out upon the highways and byways of life with a ready smile and a hearty hand-clasp, helping their fellow members over the rough places in life to the end that we may all profit by the lessons taught by our Order.”

― from the Ritual of the Order

Our Charity

Although it is an order that seeks to have as much fun as possible, we are also concerned with philanthropies and helping our community. Therefore we are ever concerned with charity towards our fellow man or woman. Since the early 20th century, the Samaritan Acts Program has been the name for that program of our order which seeks to lend support and assistance to those in need. Particularly, we focus on causes related to cognitive disabilities.

Samaritan Acts

By 1944 our organization was large enough that some sanctorums were begining to become involved in various charitable projects. At the 1944 Supreme Session, Supreme Monarchos Clinton E. Jolly appointed a Humanitarian Comittee. Between 1951 and 1952 this was formalized into the “Samaritan Acts Program.” Each member was expected to donate 10 dollars to the fund every year. To this day AMOS attends fundraisers and makes donations to various worthy charities.