Begin your desert journey…

When you become a member of AMOS, it’s not like joining any other organization. The bonds of brotherhood built in Odd Fellowship extend into the fellowship created in AMOS. The Samartians base their ceremonies on the eternal ideas of friendship, love, and truth. These ideas are expanded upon further by adding the importance of humility. While you might rise to great heights in your professional or daily live, when you enter the Sanctorum, each man is greated as an equal with a smile.


Ready to join the ranks of the playground of Odd Fellowship? We’re definitely ready to have you as a member! All you have to do is follow the few short steps below.

A.M.O.S. is essentially a fun social order that any member of the Odd Fellows can join. The terms for membership are as follows:

1. You must be male and over 18 years of age
2. You must be of good moral character
3. You must be a member in good standing of an Odd Fellows

If you meet these requirements, you can apply to join a Sanctorum in your area. We offer a map of local Sanctorums on our Contact page. No local Sanctorum? Then start one!

For new members, there is an application fee, and you must have a member of the Order to vouch for you. Upon entering the Sanctorum by way of the Degree of Humility, the new member attains the status of Samaritan. A Samaritan has the privilege of attending his own Sanctorum, District or Divisional meetings. A new member will also receive a pass card, the current password, and may purchase his Fez. Should a Samaritan attend the annual meeting of the Supreme Sanctorum, or some authorized Divisional meetings, he may have conferred on him the additional Degree of Perfection and will thereafter be hailed as a Sheik.

Start a new Sanctorum!

Do you want to be a Samaritan but find that there aren’t any Sanctorums close to you? Then let us help you start a new one! The process is very easy and in no time at all you could be enjoying the benefits of AMOS.

Sanctorums may be instituted in any city or town where applicants desire to organize such a body; subject to approval of the Executive Committee of the Supreme Sanctorum.

Subordinate Sanctorums are self-governing, and have the right to transact their own business. Sanctorums may confer the Degree of Humility at such time and for such fees as local conditions may determine.

Ten Odd Fellows are needed to sign the petition for a new charter. These may be either new members of the Order, or current members of AMOS who are simply transferring to the new Sanctorum. A Sanctorum selects their own name, which should be of a Middle-Eastern or fanciful nature. After the name is approved by the Supreme Sanctorum, a number will be assigned by the Supreme Secretary. Nights for meetings, location of meeting, and other such information shall be selected by the new Sanctorum.

Ready to start your own Sanctorum? Go to the Contact page and send us a message!

The Legion of Xerxes

Let it be written in every language and declared throughout the land that by proclamation of his Magnanimity, the Supreme Monarchos, those Sheiks and Samaritans excelling in the art of disseminating the mystic teaching which emanated from King Xerxes the Great, shall be rewarded with a unique jewel, never before possessed by any man.

The Supreme Monarchos has sent his minions across the Seven Seas and to the Four Corners of the Globe to find the world’s finest craftsmen. They have been pressed into service by the sword, and will work unceasingly until every worthy Sheik and Samaritan has been duly remunerated.

Award Process

The Legion of Xerxes jewel will be presented to all who sponsor at least one new member for our order.

To ensure you receive this award, be sure your name is written on the sponsor line of the membership application which your Sanctorum submits to Supreme Sanctorum.

With one member sponsored, you will receive a basic jewel. More members entitles you to a higher award.

Legion Ranks

  • 1 member basic jewel
  • 5 members black stone
  • 10 members red stone
  • 25 members green stone
  • 50 members blue stone
  • 100 members white stone

The Jewel

A special thanks to Sheik Jim Walterman for his generous support of this project.